De Olijfboom

Give-away store De Olijfboom
Forelstraat 37, 9000 gent

tuesday: 9h-12h
thursday: 11h-15h
saturday: 14h-18h

Currently we offer assistance to newcomers (living in the reception centre in Ghent, in camps or on their own) and other people in need by collecting, sorting and providing all kinds of materials such as clothing, personal care, household items, and food, etc.

This material is provided to people who come to our give-away store, De Olijfboom. Materials are free to those in need.

Our volunteers come together several times a week to keep everything running. There is always a positive atmosphere and we always make time to chat..

Material Help

Materials such as clothing, household goods and more are donated and collected by the community. These goods are sorted with the upmost care and distributed at ‘De Olijfboom’ – our give-away store.

They are also sent to Calais and Duinkerke, or donated to reception centres and schools, as needed. We partner with local organisations to make sure the materials get to the people who need them.

Meeting space

Een Hart voor Vluchtelingen vzw also provides a space for intercultural activities to take place. We organise activities for people of all ages and backgrounds to share their talents and build a community together.

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